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Gathering wild herbs...

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Holiday break in the land of brewing

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Get ready for your Alsace foie gras !

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Unlimited tartes flambées

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Alsatian Beer

Chope de bière et bretzel en Alsace.

Visits of breweries

Breweries in Northern Alsace


Beer, a history of over 6000 years

It is thought that the history of beer dates back to the most ancient times. Beer was first brewed over 6000 years ago, somewhere between Palestine and Mesopotamia.

Beer was a sacred beverage in ancient Egypt. Under the rule of the Pharaohs, beer was offered to the gods. It was also placed in the tombs of the dead.

That delicious brew gradually spread to Europe. The Gauls improved the fermentation process and developed their well-known barley beer, which was then spiced up with hops by 9th century monks, such as those of the Abbeys of Wissembourg and Pfaffenhoffen or the Canons’ Chapter of Strasbourg Cathedral.

In 1260, the first brewery in Alsace was founded by Arnoldus Cervisarius. In Strasbourg, the corporation took on the name of the "Cooper Tribe".

By 1803, 250 breweries were operating in Strasbourg. The breweries of Alsace had become industrial plants. Today, Alsace continues to be the leading French region in terms of beer production.

Water, barley, hops and yeast. Four ingredients…

Beer is made by mixing four ingredients :

  • a) water;
  • b) barley, used to manufacture malt,
  • c) hops, which are the spice of beer and
  • d) yeast, which changes the sugar into alcohol.

The know-how of the master brewer is reflected in his command of the processes inherited from an age-old tradition. The transformation of raw materials into beer is marked by 16 steps.

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