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Landscapes of Northern Alsace

Le Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord à Lembach
Le Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord à Lembach

North of Alsace and Northern Vosges

North of Alsace offers a wealth of historical attractions including ancient churches, mediaeval castles, cave dwellings hewn from sandstone, not to mention numerous small museums with plenty of surprises in store. Walkers can also discover some of France’s finest traditional villages in this region, including Hunspach or Seebach.

With its leafy vales, its ponds and its shaded forests abounding with varied fauna, this region also offers a great opportunity to rediscover nature at its best. Listed as a "Regional Nature Park" and covered by the "World Biosphere Reserve" label, the Northern Vosges offers visitors all the tranquillity and tradition of its lively local atmosphere, heavily influenced by agriculture and arts and crafts.

Panorama des Vosges à Wangenbourg-Engenthal
Panorama vosgien, Wangenbourg

The Vosges range

A popular region for hikers and ramblers, the Alsatian side of the Vosges mountains never fails to delight visitors with its landscapes combining the lively colours of the high pastures and the dark green of the fir forests, not to mention its round hilltops and gently sloping valleys.

Walkers can enjoy all of their favourite sports here (including hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, skiing and snowshoeing, etc) while at the same time taking advantage of the area’s famous cuisine based on its local agricultural products.

La Maison Kammerzell et la Cathédrale de Strasbourg
Maison Kammerzell et Cathédrale, Strasbourg

Strasbourg and its region

As both a regional city and the European capital, Strasbourg has succeeded in preserving a strong identity within its walls and in the surrounding countryside. An identity which combines tradition, ambition, authenticity and modernity.

The Strasbourg area offers visitors a chance to discover the cultural life of a prestigious city boasting countless outstanding architectural monuments and remarkably well preserved historical districts, in addition to the small attractive villages which have jealously protected their rural identity, their traditions and their own entertainment features or attractions.

Alsace’s particularly fertile agricultural regions offer an extraordinary mix of crops. The orchards can be admired alongside more specific crop varieties including cabbage for choucroute, tobacco or the traditional hop fields.

Vignoble à Andlau
Vignoble alsacien, Andlau

The vineyards

As the jewel in the crown of Alsace’s agricultural sector, at certain times of year the vineyards resemble a golden carpet covering the Vosges foothills. Their sunny hillsides, sheltered by the Vosges range, produce some of France’s finest great white wines. The stone archways, magnificent fountains and carved wood window surrounds often decorated with flowers which brighten up the winding streets of the villages along the Wine Route invite you to enjoy the simple pleasure of wine tasting or to soak up the lively and cheerful atmosphere when a winemaker explains his work to visitors.

Le Ried près de Sélestat - © G. Lacoumette
Le Ried près de Sélestat - ©G.Lacoumette

The Alsatian plain and the Ried

Shaped and irrigated by the Rhine and its tributaries, the huge Alsatian Plain takes the form of a marvellously well-kept garden, offering an environment perfect for large-scale farming.

The Ried, where the land and the water meet, offers a number of superb reserves for a rich and varied range of fauna and flora.

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