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The Rhine-Marne canal

Le canal de la Marne au Rhin à Schiltigheim

Plan incliné d'Arzviller
Plan incliné d'Arzviller

The Rhine-Marne canal (Section Réchicourt > Strasbourg)
EuroVélo® 5
35 locks – 28 hours – 86 km

The idea of linking the Marne to the Rhine, that is to say linking the navigable waterways of the Seine basin to the great Rhine navigation system dates back to the close of the 18th C.  Built at the same period as the Paris-Strasbourg railway line, the Marne-Rhine canal was opened between Nancy and Strasbourg in 1853. After leaving Sarrebourg and the Lorraine plateau, it passes through the Niderviller and Arzviller tunnels before plunging down into the Zorn valley by the Saint Louis Arzviller inclined plane.  Since 1969 this impressive structure enables the canal to bypass a set of 17 locks.  At the exit of the Arzviller tunnel a cycle trail begins that leads along the towpath of the canal to reach Strasbourg.  It goes past numerous ruined castles, such as Lutzelbourg, the picturesque town of Saverne, gateway to Alsace, with its impressive double lock, Hochfelden, famous for its brewing  tradition and Brumath, formerly Brocomagus, the capital of Alsace in Roman times.

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